This is what is driving  the youth into engaging into early sex

This is what is driving the youth into engaging into early sex

BY  JOAN WANJIUKU,NAIROBI,10TH AUG 2018-Many questions have arose on how just young adults and the youths are starting to engage into early sexual activities and if there is anything that can be done to correct the situation.

The unfortunate truth is that it may be too late to find a solution to this Pandora box or you can as well call it a riddle.

A recent study conducted by a united states youth and young adult welfare issues research firm shows that the modern way of life has everything to blame for the vice.

Young people as young as 9 years can today have a smartphone and can access with ease pornographic content at the press of button.This is one of the  major contributors of early sexual activity among the youth who want to experiment what they see.

The modern free style of living  characterized by merry making,partying as well as other social other gatherings which have seen  consumption of alcoholic  drinks and other substances has also greatly contributed towards  corrupting the youths.

Professor Keen  Onyango     a youth counselor in Nairobi  says it is time  for parents teachers and religious leaders  came together to address the challenge. He also says the government has to find away either in mainstreaming in school curriculum subjects that will help address the problem .”We need to have  no choice but to find a way to deal with this issue or else we will not have  a society tomorrow” He said.


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