20 years on ,Kenyans  hailed for remaining resilient after US embassy bombing in 1998

20 years on ,Kenyans hailed for remaining resilient after US embassy bombing in 1998

BY NAMULONGO  PETER,NAIROBI,7TH AUG 2018-US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec  has commended  Kenyans for their resiliency  20 years on  after 1998 Nairobi US Embassy bombing.Speaking during the commemoration of 20 years since the unfortunate attack ,Godec said it was  encouraging  seeing  Kenyans for having risen with a stronger determination to stand together for freedom, justice and peace following the incident.

“In the moment and days that followed the blast, your heroism stands in tribute to compassion and to all that is best in humanity. I want to thank all those who helped to build and maintain this memorial,” he stated.

On his side Kenya’s Special Eenvoy on Countering Violent Extremism, Martin Kimani, urged the government to ensure continued  efforts in the war against terror and creation of opportunities to deter the youth from being recruited into terror cells. He stated  that the government has spent huge resources in countering terrorism activities and urged everyone to support the efforts.

“Twenty years later, Kenyans are proud to be fighting alongside our allies and friends for the safety and security of our families, our communities and our country,” he said.

“Our will as a people has been manifested in increased resources, coordination, training and implementation of government strategies to strengthen the operational means for countering terrorism,” he said.

The emotional service  also saw  survivors tell of  the horror underwent after the blast.

They have also expressed disappointments  concerning compensation, which they argue that   they are yet to receive 20 years on.


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