Graftwatch:These are the companies that were allocated the kibarani dumpsite land

Graftwatch:These are the companies that were allocated the kibarani dumpsite land

BY CORRESPONDENT,MOMBASA,3RD AUG 2018-National Land Commission Chairman Muhammad Swazuri on Friday  named three companies that were irregularly allocated land at the Kibarani dumpsite in Mombasa.

According  to Swazuri Asian Inland Seas, Khalid Ahmed Limited and M-Tech Limited are the companies owning four parcels of land at the controversial dumpsite.

Swazuri who toured the dumpsite on Friday  said that the land initially belonged to the Ministry of Livestock and was being used as a holding ground for livestock meant for export through the Port of Mombasa.

He said the total acreage of that land is 32 acres, but so far only eight acres are remaining.

Asian Inland Seas has two parcels of 0.4 ha and 1.3 ha, whereas Khalid Ahmed Limited has 0.5 ha and M-Tech has 2.6 ha.

Swazuri said the records of those four parcels of land mysteriously went missing at the Ministry of Lands.

“However, we have a backup. Government records can never go missing. We are now giving a one-week notice for whoever claims ownership of any parcel of land around here to appear before the Commission on the week of August 15,” said Swazuri.

He said they were surprised to also realise that seven companies had been allocated land reclaimed from the Indian Ocean.

“That is how bad we have reached. We have people who were allocated water. In land laws, no one can be allocated water,” said Swazuri.

He said each person who was allocated land in that area will have to appear before the commission to say how they acquired it.

“We want to know how this land changed hands from the Ministry of Livestock to the private individuals. The companies say they are paying rates, how is it possible that Mombasa County was dumping garbage on private land? Those are questions that need to be answered,” said Swazuri.

On his side Mombasa Lands Executive Edward Nyale said Kibarani has been in existence for over 50 years and the said three companies.

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