Am a man of virtue,says Ben Chumo as he faces MPS in the quest to be the next SRC chair

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,23RD JULY 2018-Former Kenya Power CEO Ben Chumo  says his integrity was intact.While appearing before  the Finance and Trade Committee  which grilled him for  the position of chairman of Salaries and Remuneration Commission he said he had conducted himself with decorum while at helm of KPLC.

Chumo said  that the graft charges he is facing over the loss of Sh4.5 billion in the procurement of faulty transformers occurred after he had left the company.

“There was no single case that arose during my stay at KPLC and I look back with a lot of pride to that particular service,” Chumo said.

The committee is chaired by Kipkelion East MP Joseph Limo.

Chumo served at the Kenya Power and Lighting Company for 32 years rising through the ranks from the human resource manager, chief human resource manager to chief executive officer.

He told the committee that over the period, his networth has grown to Sh212 million through investments and dairy farming.

“I never had any incident that undermined my integrity and public trust. Over the 32 years, I made investments across the country…I have some assets in Nairobi, I collect rent,” Chumo said.

He told the committee that it would amount to sub judice to comment on the KPLC scandal but nevertheless offered to explain the sequence of events leading to the current scandal.

Chumo said that the charges he is facing relate to the procurement of transformers in the 2011/12 financial year which happened when he was not the CEO.

He said he was not party to the deal since he rose to the helm as the CEO in 2013.

“I was not even a member of the procurement committee at the time, because I was in Human resource. However, I have been accused of procuring those transformers but I wasn’t there,” Chumo said.

The ex-CEO and 18 other senior managers at KPLC, including the current MD Ken Tarus, are also facing charges relating to the non-procedural cancellation of the same tender.

Chumo also revealed that his networth was 212 million shilings addig that he was not wealthy but just an average Kenyan.

However Chumo may face insurmountable challenges towards realization of his dream as SRC chair after the leader of majority in parliament Aden Duale vowed to ensure that he does not get the postilion ”We can not approve a person who is at the center of a major corruption will be abuse of  our privileges and   responsibility”.said Duale.

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