Obama speaks fondly of his first visit to Kogelo when he was only 27 years old

Obama speaks fondly of his first visit to Kogelo when he was only 27 years old

BY CORRESPONDENT,SIAYA,16TH JULY 2018-Former US President Barack Obama On Monday, recalled when he first visited his home village of Kogelo when he was only 27 years old.

Speaking   during the launch of Sauti kuu vocational and training center in Siaya  ,Obama remembered almost everything  29 years later.He narrted to the over 1000 invited guest  just how those days were  and clearly how he  remembered his roots

“I had worked as a community organizer for four years. I had come to know Auma and fell in love with her, but we had not grown up together. I was determined, to better understand the life of my father and that of his people,” Obama revealed.

“We talked all day and all night and I would wander through the city and finally it was time to come to home square that’s what we used to call it.”

Their journey to Kisumu was on the train.

“So we took a train and the train went overnight, and the train went very slowly – this was not a bullet train,” he said amid laughter from the audience.

Upon arrival in Kisumu, they boarded a bus and like it was the case with the train, he said, “This was not a fast bus.”

“…there was some chicken on my lap and some sweet potatoes on my side.”

The journey was not over just yet.

They boarded a matatu which he said, “was more crowded than the bus.”

Eventually, they got to “Mama Sarah’s house (his grandmother) although it wasn’t as fancy as it is now.”

He was hungry but had some small task to do before he could eat anything.

“I had to catch a chicken to eat…” the ex-US President he said.

And looking behind to what his sister has accomplished, Obama said, “What I think about is that first night in the yard, going to sleep without running water and the fact she knew where she came from, her story, it is out of that spirit this wonderful facility we see today is built on.”

Obama arrived in Kogelo on Monday morning where he held a series of activities.

He also visited his grandmother at her homestead, a few kilometres from the Sauti Kuu Foundation.

The former US President arrived in the country after three years, since his last visit.

Then, it was a state visit since he was a serving US President.

He is expected to depart for South Africa later in the day where he will give a keynote address at a Nelson Mandela event.

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