Baringo MCA who went missing over the weekend found alive in Nakuru

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BY CORRESPONDENT,BARINGO,2ND JULY 2018- Nelson Lotela, who is the Silale member of county assembly in Baringo county who went msing on Sunday  was on Monday morning found  at Kirobon area in Rongai.

Witness says the MCA  was abducted at Nginyang’ River in Tiaty as he headed home from Chemolingot trading centre before being bundled him into a saloon car.

The personal car was being escorted by a Nissan Navara pick-up, whose registration number had been scrapped off, he said.

He said his abductors are reported to have  claimed they were police officers and they ordered him to disembark from his vehicle before forcing him into their Saloon car.

He said that after being bundled into the car booth by the four men, he was blind-folded and driven towards Marigat.

“I’m very familiar with the road. I think I was driven towards Mogotio. We Passed by many road blocks and I could hear them arguing with police officers that theirs was a GK vehicle (and should be left to pass without inspection),” said Mr Lotela.

After being driven for “many hours”, he says, he was taken into thicket at Kirobon area in Nakuru where he was asked he is the spokesman of the Pokot community.

“I said no, but the officers kept on accusing me of blocking the ongoing security operation in the region. I told them that I did not go to the assembly the whole of last week as I was involved in preaching peace with the government officers on the ground,” said Mr Lotela.

“I asked them why they wanted to kill me and they said that they were just doing what they had been asked to do.”

He said after conversing in hushed tones for minutes, the armed men ordered him out of the vehicle and asked him to kneel down.

They later directed him towards a ditch.

“They asked me to say my last words but I told them I had nothing to say as I had not been told my mistake. I waited them to fire at me but nothing happened,” he said.

He said that after a while  of silence, he realized that his assailants had left the scene.

“I managed to get to the main road without any shoes and good Samaritans took me to hospital,” said the MCA.

Rongai Officer Commanding Police Division Japheth Kioko confirmed the finding of Mr Lotela, saying they were investigating the matter with a view of arresting the MCA’s captors.

Tiaty MP William Kamket has said that those who abducted the ward representative were police officers.


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