Evictions of Kibera residents who live near railway line begins amid protests

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BY  NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,21ST JUNE 2018-The process of evicting  Kibera residents who live along Railway lines  have begun  in earnest   even as protest marred the exercise early Thursday. Police were forced to  lobbed tear gas canisters at  residents who were resisting to be evicted near the Railway line.

The residents who live next to the Railway station said the plan was to relocate but instead, they woke up to eviction.

The company maintains that the structures which accommodate more than 1,000 residents are illegal.

“What is happening is a surprise and inhumane.. If there is a handshake that happened, Raila Odinga should know very well what to do over this issue,” a resident Lucas Owino said.

Police were seen roaming the area as they made sure that the process went on smoothly without interference.

Mattresses, furniture were spotted in the area as a sign that the people were not ready for the demolitions that were taking place.

“…the question we are asking is that where will you take this people? .. They had no plan.. They are waiting for help.. it is an eviction,” another said.

The eviction by Kenya Railway began at 4am on Thursday.


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