War against contraband sugar is unstoppable ,says Kiraithe

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BY CORRESPONDENT,MOMBASA,20TH JUNE 2018-The government will not relent  on  war on contraband sugar and other goods.This is according to the government Spokesperson Erick Kiraithe.

Addressing the press on Wednesday in Mombasa, Kiraithe  noted that the war has just begun with  smugglers now feeling the heat  of the crackdown.Kiraithe says the momentum will continue until the network which seems to be well established destroyed.

Kiraithe warned leaders who want to politicise the war on contrabands and sugar smuggling that government will not relent.

“We will not condone side shows. If any of the politicians has any information about smugglers should bring it forth,” said Kiraithe.

He said the national government is focused on protecting the citizens.

“One thing we would want to reiterate is that the smuggled sugar, which has been contaminated with elements that can cause cancer or any other diseases, does not choose religion, race, tribe or political affiliation. Therefore, we are not going to relent on this war,” said Kiraithe.

He said politicians should focus on what they were elected to do and let the government agencies do their work.

“The investigating agencies are doing their work well with huge support from majority of Kenya. Let us now concentrate on the needs of Kenya as the President Uhuru Kenyatta has said,” said the Government spokesperson.

He said the government officials working at Kenya Revenue Authority, Kenya Ports Authority and Kenya Bureau of Standards, who have been compromised to allow smuggled sugar, will be held responsible.

“Criminals work in very many ways. However, due to high level of intelligence-led policing that we have been able to make these recoveries and we believe we shall be able to make many more,” he said.

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