Those behind contraband sugar belong to Kamiti prison

Those behind contraband sugar belong to Kamiti prison

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BY EDITORIAL TEAM,NAIROBI,20TH JUNE 2018-The recent revelations  about contraband sugar and other smuggled goods having found their way in Kenya are shocking and unfortunate to say the least.

Within a period of three weeks over 10,000 tonnes   of illegal sugar have been impounded in various parts of the country confirming Kenyans fear that after all they may have eaten or drunk too much of the poisonous commodity. On 5/6/2018 Police  seized over 2,000 bags of contraband sugar in a warehouse in Eastleigh, Nairobi.This was in addition to another consignment nabbed in Ruiru Kiambu county which was found few days earlier.

The brown sugar was 50 kilo bags labelled as unfit for human consumption. Inspector General of police Joseph Boinet  confirming arrests of   three suspects in connection with the same  the contraband consignment.On Saturday June 16, 2018 a consignment of 2,000 bags of contraband sugar was seized at a warehouse at  Matuu market, Machakos county, still on Wednesday June 20 2018 yet another  nine trucks with 800 bags of  contraband sugar  were  impounded .The trucks are reported to have been  ferrying the sweetener to  Rongo in  Migori County.

The list continues.Definitely these statistics points to a very dangerous trend and to make the matters worse nobody really knows just for how long  this has been going on in the country. We join other well meaning Kenyans who have called for thorough investigations into this matter and we urge concerned Authorities not to leave any stone unturned  until the culprits are brought to book.

We call upon president Uhuru Kenyatta to raise up and be counted in this war,this should be treated like any other enemy of Kenya just like corruption,floods  or drought.If it will cost us declaring contrabands as a national disaster for this war to succeed then be it.

Can you imagine what will happen to this country in the next 20 or so years if wanachi  who have no clue or idea  continue consuming these poisonous substances? will there be a nation called Kenya? or all of us would have been buried?

We strongly recommend that Kenya revenue Authority officials especially at the point of entry into the country such as at the ports as well as  the Kenya bureau of standards (KEBS) be questioned in connection with this scam.Senior officials at these two important bodies should be investigated to find out if there has been a loophole in which these fake and dangerous goods come into the country.


It is time the government revoked all licenses given to business people to import sugar from other countries and lets set stringent terms for those seeking these licenses to root out criminals.War on contrabands is not for feeble hearted ,we call upon the national assembly to perform its task and investigate this issue in totality without any hidden skeleton in the closet.

If this country goes down even those MPS, governors or the president himself will all go down with it.We at UPESI MEDIA  call for concerted efforts from all towards slaying this dragon.We  sympathize with innocent Kenyans who have consumed this poisonous substances  at the expense of greedy lot of criminals who are behind this evil business and we know that they may accumulate as much wealth and money as they can in their plans but they will never know peace neither will they ever enjoy the proceeds of their evil dirty business.Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived God is not mocked for whatever man saws that he will rip.

We urge the Cabinet secretary for interior Fred Matiangi to continue with the good job he has begun on cracking down on the networks behind this dirty business.we can not let them to have their cake and eat it mot any more”


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