ERC increases prices of fuels in its latest monthly reviews

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,14TH JUNE 2018-The energy Regulatory commission (ERC)  increased the prices of various variants of fuels across the country.In its latest monthly reviews announced Today (Thursday 14 June),price of Kerosene price has increased by Sh5.88, Super petrol Sh1.64, diesel Sh5.88 .ERC says the increase in prices is attributed to  the average landed price increasing

This is an increase from the prices that were set for the month of May. This year the prices have only dropped once but since then the y have been escalating monthly.

The new prices comes into effect at midnight.

Warning to Kenyans

Meanwhile ERC  has warned Kenyans of the presence of adulterated fuel in the market. This is fuel that has been mixed with other substances.

“Motorists who experience jerking, loss of engine power and excessive smoke from the vehicle’s exhaust after refueling are urged to immediately report the matter to the Commission through [email protected],” public notice stated

Motorists have been asked to be careful and report any signs of excessive smoke or loss of engine power.


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