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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,13TH JUNE 2018-The Kenya Private Sector Alliance  has  commended the ongoing war on corruption in country urging the  government to do even more to succeed.

In a statement sent to  newsrooms on Wednesday the  alliance’s  chief executive  officer Carole Kariuki, says Kenyans have in the last four weeks seen tangible action by law enforcement agencies against corruption and the enjoyment of ill-gotten proceeds.

According to her the arrest and arraignment of suspects in the alleged theft of taxpayers’ money via the National Youth Service is welcome, and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance appreciates the speedy action that has been taken against those who are believed to have participated in the massive plunder of the public’s money.

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance also lauds the ongoing crackdown on illicit trade and contrabands by the multiagency team and vowed to  continue supporting this exercise to ensure the health and safety of Kenyans is not at risk, as well as ensure genuine producers get the rightful share of income they deserve from the market.

”Over the last week, we have begun to see actions and hear noises that suggest that the all too familiar political finger-pointing and spin has started, with political pundits and politicians suggesting that the action against corruption is ill-informed, misguided or aimed at undermining individuals unconnected to the crimes” said the statement.

Kariuki says it was  disappointing to see   the fight against corruption taking this unfortunate direction.

”We share in the belief and live by the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, as outlined in the Constitution and the statutes, and Kenya has robust laws and an independent Judiciary with judicial officers whom we are confident on their ability to deal with each case with impartiality” added the brief.

She has urged police to ensure that corruption  suspects are however not denied their rights even as they face charges .They  should also enjoy the confidence that if convicted, they are allowed appeals until the highest court of the land.

Further  the organization has urge all  elected leaders to use this season to meet the demands of their offices and deliver services to Kenyans who are waiting with expectation.

Noting that war on corruption can be won unless there was unity of purpose they urged  the media, religious leaders, civil society to speak out and also ask tough questions against those that may seek to derail its future for their own political and selfish interests.


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