One more succumbs to RVF in Wajir  county

One more succumbs to RVF in Wajir county

BY CORRESPONDENT,WAJIR,11TH JUNE,2018-One more person has died following the outbreak of rift valley fever in Wajir  County.  This brings to 5 the number of those who have died from the disease so far.The latest case was reported on Sunday night.

Seven other patients are currently admitted to various hospitals in the border county with the disease that is now threatening to spread to other areas of the country.

According to Wajir County health executive Abdihakim Billow, who confirmed the death, they had put in place several measures to stop the infection from spreading further.

This comes after Mandera and Garissa counties issued an alert over the spread of the fever that kills human beings and livestock.

Last week, Wajir county government banned meat and milk consumption in Eldas and Wajir West sub-counties.

Mr Billow  further said the ban has now been extended to the whole county after the rise in human and livestock deaths. has established that slaughtering of animals and  and consumption of animal products will not be allowed  in the county for the next nine days.This is the latest directive from the Authority aimed at preventing the spread of the deadly fever

The temporary ban, which took effect on June 11, is expected to end on June 21, according to the county health department.

The department on Sunday met with butchers to inform them about the situation of the RVF and the ban.


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