NLC chair Muhamed Swazuri  refutes corruption allegation  over Ruaraka Land

NLC chair Muhamed Swazuri refutes corruption allegation over Ruaraka Land

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,11TH JUNE-The  National Land Commission chairman Dr. Mohammed Swazuri now says anyone with evidence linking him to any corrupt deals in the pay out of the controversial Ruaraka land  should  present it to police.

Swazuri says all due diligence was carried out by the commission prior to the payment, saying he is ready to defend the decision in court.

This follows a report by the Parliamentary committee on land calling for the immediate investigation of Swazuri over his involvement in the controversial payment.

In January, the NLC effected a payment of 1.5 billion shillings, as part of the 3.2 billion shillings, payable for the said parcel of land to Whispering Palms Estate Ltd on behalf of Afrison and Huelands Company.

Afrison had claimed ownership of the said parcel of the land, with Swazuri insisting the payment was legally done.

Acknowledging that the EACC has since instituted investigations over the allegations, Swazuri has dared anyone with tangible evidence linking him to any wrong doing in the payout to present it to relevant agencies.

The  payments were made by National Lands Commission made  after establishing the land on which Ruaraka secondary school and Drive-in primary sit  was  a private property.

There has been a pull and push between government on one side  and the  owner Afrison and Huelands Company over the ownership of the said property.


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