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BY EURIDICE NZIOKA,NAIROBI,7TH JUNE 2018-Bongo movie actor  Rose Ndauka  is facing serious scandal related to  fraud  where she is accused  of withholding her a her employee  salary a mounting to  over  TZS 150,000.According to a popular Clouds FM radio show known as Shilawadu  it has been reported that   a a certain lady the name Stumai   has accused  Rose  for  not paying him the cash after he provided a service to the actor.

Through an interview  with the FM station the lady says she was employed  in one of the salons owned by Rose  Ndauka but after working  for three months  the actor refused to pay her  claming that she had not seen any  profit  and urged her to be patient as she had a well orginized plan to help her become a superstar .

After the revelation  Soudy Brown sacked  Ndauka who leta condemned the issue that dint go down well with her.and here is what she had to say:

”If the case concerns workers  just go to the ministry of labour   na worker are not Shilawadu, Soudy you are my friend  and i don’t ant to exchange words with you am  currently stressed   having many issues in life and family  and i don’t want to talk about such stupid and nonsense  issues”.


After words  Rose  has asked the lady to  go to court to sue her  or she can go to where she worked before.



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