Developing story:Bad whether hampers rescue operation for missing plane in  Aberdares in Nyandarua county,

Developing story:Bad whether hampers rescue operation for missing plane in Aberdares in Nyandarua county,

BY EURIDICE NZIOKA,/CORRESPONDENT,6TH JUNE 2018-Even as search and rescue operation for  a Flysax plane that  went missing en route from Kitale to Nairobi have been greatly hampered by bad whether around the Aberdares in Nyandarua county.T

The rescue operations begun early Wedneday with officers from various organizations  among them The Kenya Redcross coming  together to  facilitate the search.

The government has  since established a twenty-four hour command centre to coordinate the search of the missing aircraft that vanished from the radar on Tuesday evening.

The search team has also admitted it has no capacity to conduct a night search, but embarked on strategic meetings to gather more intelligence, which helped them narrow on the scope area.

County Commissioner Boaz Cherutich said the search is been  conducted by a multiagency team comprising of security officials, Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Red Cross, National Disaster Management and officers from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

National Disaster Management Unit deputy director Pius Masai said the team has enough capacity to track the plane.

“We have formalised the primary command post and the operation is going on as planned. We have relevant and needed resources and personnel in the operation, we have three choppers to conduct an aerial survey, the main challenge for us is bad weather,” said Mr Masai.

He said the area of the search is a widely stretch area covering Nyandarua and Murang’a Counties within Aberdares, and, if people allowed to go randomly, there is a possibility of getting tired before the main work.

“Due to the bad weather, we are using the aircraft to trace for us an area that we feel are safe and necessary for us to land. We have teams that are ready to conduct the search. What is important here is for people who are carrying the search and that of the victims. The last signal of the plane was around Aberdares and that remains our area of focus,” said Mr Masai.

He said the operation will be carried out in phases and that they have already established signal of the missing aircraft and they are just tracing the technical site.

remain calm as these efforts continue  and we have hope it will bear fruits  sooner than latter.said Maasai.

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