National prayer breakfast event held as leaders call for unity,reconciliation

National prayer breakfast event held as leaders call for unity,reconciliation

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,31ST MAY 2018-Reconciliation and unity call was the massage that rented the air at this year’s national prayer breakfast  event held at safaripark hotel in Nairobi.All leaders who attended the event spoke on the importance of kenyans regardless of their social status uniting and putting aside their differences for the sake of the nation.

Every leader who took to the podium said something about forgiveness  .The deputy president William Ruto  for the first time publicly apologizing to Nasa principals Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka.

It was however the president himself who set the agenda inviting  Odinga,Kalonzo and Ruto on the podium after having delivered his speech.

“We have campaigned against one another, we have said nasty things about each other, we have hurt one another on my behalf brother I ask for your forgiveness,” Uhuru said to a loud applause from the audience.

He then called Ruto who also rendered his unconditional apologies to the NASA principals, in what emerged as an escalation of the famed ‘handshake’.

Ruto said: “As my brother the president Uhuru has said, maybe I’m the one who is most accused. My brother Stephen, on behalf of all our teams and following the footsteps of these great leaders, I want to say that all the things that I did say or do I want to say on behalf of all our teams I want to ask for all your forgiveness.”

The DP’s lieutenants have over time been seen as opposed to the handshake which ushered in the “Building Bridges” initiative.The message showed a state of jitters over the 2022 presidential vote.

And in what appeared as a change of stance, the DP said: “As we build bridges of friendship, brotherhood and unity, we must learn to resist hate, to refuse disunity and say no to negative ethnicity.”

“We agreed with the president to do whatever it takes to unite Kenyans. People dismissed our efforts, but we knew that with God, all things are possible,” he added.

Raila thanked Uhuru for setting the stage for the occasion and said his March 9 handshake was informed by the realisation that forgiveness was the only way to unite the country.

“We asked ourselves where did the rain begin to beat us and we found where and when. And we found that we can work together,” Raila said.

“We said that the divisions, the hatred, the tension that has existed between our people for all these generations to now will end with us,” he added.

Raila said they agreed that no life would be lost as a result of political competition.

“We will also fight corruption together. This is the meaning of the handshake. We are committed to ensuring that the MoU we signed shall be implemented to the latter,” Raila said.

“On behalf of my team and myself, I tender my apologies to my brother,” he said.

Kalonzo, for his part, said he will talk to co-principals Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetang’ula on the need to advance the handshake and forgiveness “though am sure they are watching”.

The former Vice President admitted that he was culprit number one when it comes to being bitter because of political competition.

“One of the lessons I have learned is that I will never be angry with my political competitor. It doesn’t help,” he said.

“My brother William, you are the hustler number one but a big hustler. I think you handed that to me. I forgive you and may God bless you,” Kalonzo said.

Kalonzo also  expressed the resolve to join hands with the government in the ongoing fight against corruption.


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