You will be held personally  responsible for your mistake,Duale tells NYS Scandal suspects

You will be held personally responsible for your mistake,Duale tells NYS Scandal suspects

BY  KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,29TH MAY 2018-Majority leader Aden Duale has  told those implicated  in NYS scandal that they will not l go unpunished.

Speaking  on Tuesday at the parliament buildings, Duale   said investigative agencies must move swiftly and have those implicated in the fraud brought to book.

“The war against corruption must continue relentlessly and culprits held to account. We cannot have a country where few individuals deliberately squander public money and go scot-free,” he said.

“The investigative authorities established under the constitution have the mandate to have those implicated in the graft face justice in court. I can confidently say parliament will always support this cause,” he said.

Duale said it was unfortunate that before Kenyans were informed of what really happened in the first scam, another looting had happened at the same institution.

He  added that it is a clear indication that the individuals implicated have no regards for taxpayers money or they deliberately did it because they know at the end of it they will have their way.

“What we are simply saying as parliamentarians is that someone has to be accountable for their actions. If we do not seriously crack on this fraud, another major will explode somewhere and thus these individuals must serve as an example,’ he said.

Duale’s sentiments came in as more than 20 of the more than 50 suspects arrested over the saga were arraigned in a Nairobi court.

The suspects were brought to Milimani Law Courts in eight vehicles— three Land Rovers and five Subarus.

Key suspects include Youth and Gender Principal Secretary Lillian Omollo and NYS Director General Richard Ndubai.


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