blame it on previous regime,PS Ommollo blames former leadership at NYS for missing millions

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,25TH MAY 2018-Public Service Principal Secretary Lillian Omollo    says  previous management at NYS is to blame for  missing  Sh9billion.She says most of the accountability issues facing the institution were inherited from the  former leadership under the then Cabinet secretary Ann Waiguru.

She says accounting officials are answerable since they are aware of any transaction carried out.If there is any goods supplied or any transaction carried it should be them who knows since they  ae responsible for entering all transactions into the systems.she told the public accounts committee on Friday.

Of Ksh  7.5 billion  Omollo  said that it could not have lost   during  her tenure since  the Auditor General gave the department a clean bill of health during the 2016/2017 financial period, the time the funds are said to have been lost.

“If this colossal amount of money of Sh9bilion has been lost and was completely undetected by the Auditor General’s office, it indeed raises a lot of questions. We too are very keen to understand and unravel this alleged atrocity that has missed all the eyes of scrutiny.”

She stated that since her appointment at the ministry in 2016, NYS has had significantly better performance.

“In any system that is manned by individuals, it is garbage in, garbage out so I am not saying that it is not possible to lose funds. If the Auditor General’s office would miss a loss of Sh9 billion from an institution, we need to question the entire governance framework of the institutions that hold us to account,” she explained.

“If I would miss it, perhaps you would say that Lillian missed it as the PS but the Auditor General’s team, that is not possible and we had a special audit requested by this committee and nothing was found to have been lost.”

She added  that she is puzzled by reports that Sh9billion has been lost at the department and that she is waiting for the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission probes to see what they will unravel.

“From when I took office in January 2016 to date, the department has gone through intense and rigorous investigations and summons by the PAC, other oversight committees of Parliament, the DCI and EACC among others. Before the PAC I have appeared 14 times on matters related to the NYS, other departmental committees 63 times,” she  said.


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