County Assembly of Isiolo approves Ksh 4.3B supplementary budget

County Assembly of Isiolo approves Ksh 4.3B supplementary budget

BY CORRESPONDENT,ISIOLO,24TH MAY 2018-The Isiolo County Assembly has approved a Ksh 4.3 billion supplementary budget after scrapping Ksh 21 million for capital grants to marginalized groups.

The MCAs unanimously approved the 2017/2018 second supplementary estimates consisting Ksh 2.7 billion and Ksh 1.5 billion for recurrent and development expenditures respectively.

Earlier on  amounts for youth, persons with disabilities and women proposed in the first supplementary budget were expunged for lack of necessary legislation to facilitate utilisation of the funds.

A report by Finance, Budget and Appropriation Committee indicates that the county government had allocated Ksh 8million for youth, Ksh 5 million (PWDs) and Ksh 8 million for women was presented by the department of Gender, Youth and Social services.

The Committee’s chairperson Nura Diba recommended that the County government hastens development by enabling regulations to operationalise various revolving funds.

“The county executive should develop necessary legislation to enable the marginalized groups to benefit from devolution as espoused in the constitution,” said the committee’s chairperson.

The development expenditure translates to 36.2 per cent of the total budget.

MCAs also allocated an additional funding of Sh40millionto donations under the office of the Governor, amounts intended to supplement allocations of relief supply.

The budget, according to Nura, gave priority to disaster and emergency interventions following heavy rains that pounded most parts of the county resulting into need for emergency interventions.

Other monies also listed under interventions are Emergency repair of roads infrastructure and donations .

“Road infrastructure has however been damaged by the heavy rains experienced recently. To improve mobility of people and goods, an additional Ksh53 million has been allocated to the sub-sector to undertake repair of roads,” reads the report.

The office of the Governor had earlier been allocatedSh30 million in the first supplementary budget.

The committee  further recommended  scaling down of expenditure growth in personal emoluments, operations and maintenance without compromising the delivery of quality services to  ensure more resources  were availed for investments .


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