It was not true,CCTV footage now reveals that a woman in breastfeeding scandal in a city hotel told alie

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,21ST MAY 2018-If a recent CCTV footage is anything to go by,then  a woman who accused Olive restaurant Hotel in Nairobi of  mistreating her while breastfeeding her baby  lied after all.footage shows the woman only identified as Betty suckling her baby while having her meal at the hotel.

According to the management, Betty entered the hotel at around 12:38 pm and placed her order within a minute of sitting. Her food was delivered five minutes later.

About 25 minutes after being served, she begins to feed her baby and later on a waiter gestures at her.

Alex Maina and Sylvia Njoki who are part of the hotel’s management said that the two engaged each other for about 30 seconds after which there was a moment of eminent laughter and a smile from Betty.

“Betty proceeded with her meal and did not leave the hotel as alleged. She finished her meal way after 1:30 pm after which she asked for a glass of hot water, paid her bill and left,” said Maina.

The footage as availed by the hotel’s management does not however show Betty being ordered to feed the baby in the washroom as earlier alleged.

Maina said allegations of the woman being ordered to breastfeed her baby in the washroom remains a mystery to them.

“We are still surprised by the false and fabricated angle adopted in the petition presented to us on Tuesday last week by various lobby groups,” reads part of the statement.

The surveillance footage which was played at the hotel, confirms that Betty was able to breastfeed her child.

It also shows a waiter  approaching her table and holding a conversation.

last week, a group of women staged a ‘nurse-in’ outside the hotel in protest of the disgraceful  act

The demonstration organized by women-led organization among them HER-VOICE and Kenya Association for Breastfeeding made a peaceful procession from Freedom Corner to Parliament and eventually to the Olive Restaurant.

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