suspect in the murder of Muranga principal Samuel Mbogo to remain behind bars for two weeks.

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BY CORRESPONDENT,MURANGA,14TH MAY 2018-The major suspect in the   murder of  Gatunguru Secondary School principal Samuel Mbogo  who is the wife Ms Alice Mugechi will remain in police custody for two weeks.

Ms Mugechi and Samuel Harrison Gitu, who  are accused of murdering Mr Mbogo at his home on Saturday, were arraigned on Monday in Murang’a.

However the suspects did not take a plea after the investigation officer asked the court to remand them at Murang’a police station as investigations continue.The  officer Mr Kazungu Ngumbao Jeremiah  said there was  it was early to make  judgement  on the matter.

“I ask this court to give us 15 days to be able to conclude investigations and formerly charge the two main suspects,” Mr Kazungu Ngumbao Jeremiah said.

Chief Magistrate Margaret Wachira granted the request despite objection from the suspects.

“I have considered the application by the prosecution. A serious crime has been committed where the two suspects are alleged to have been involved.

“Considering their application to have them released would compromise the case and I hereby allow the investigation officer to remand them at Murang’a police station for 14 days,” Chief Magistrate Wachira ruled.

Mr Mbogo’s body was found Sunday morning dumped in the boot of his car at Gakurwe, Murang’a County.

The suspects asked the court to free them as police carry out investigations.

“There is no one in my home to look after the cows and the livestock and did not get time to close the house at the time I was arrested.

“I also need time to arrange for my beloved husband’s burial preparations. The police officers can conclude their investigations and arrest me when they are through,” Ms Mugechi said.

On his part, Mr Gitu said: “Since the police have not found any incriminating evidence, they should not be allowed to continue holding me. They should only arrest me when they are through with the investigations.”


The case  is set for  mentioning   on May 28.

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