Second incident of  needles lodged  in baby’s body found in Kapenguria

Second incident of needles lodged in baby’s body found in Kapenguria

BY CORRESPONDENT/JOAN WANJIKU,3RD MAY 2018-The second case of sewing needles lodged in the body of a child  has been found at Kapenguria County Referral Hospital in West Pokot after a similar one was discovered last year in Kiambu county.

The needles  were discovered in the body of  a three year old girl through an X-Ray scan conducted on Wednesday morning.

Five needles are in the girl’s belly and two in tissues around the back.

WWW.UPESINEWS.CO.KE has established that the baby was abandoned by her mother because of her frequent sickness over the last one year,since then She has been under the care of her grandparents who said their daughter eloped with another man.

Grandparents says  the child has been complaining of stomachaches and been endlessly coughing for the past one year.

After thorough examinations, the doctors were shocked to find the needles inside the body of the child from Kangilikwagan Village in Kapenguria.

She was immediately referred to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital for surgery to remove the foreign objects.

Medics at the Kapenguria hospital believe the needles were inserted in the child’s body. They ruled out swallowing.

Frequently sick

The grandparents said they did not understand how the objects got in the minor’s tissues.

According to her grandmother Emily Ling’aa,  she was shocked to see the X-Ray images.

X-Ray scan shows the needles that were found in the child’s body-COURTESY

She said they had taken the baby to a local dispensary but her condition did not improve, forcing her to travel to Kapenguria.

The poor family now says that it has no cash to treat the child.

“I was shocked to learn of the needles in her body after the X-Ray and wondered how they got inside the child’s body,” the woman said.

The aged couple said they had been giving the child some painkillers to help her fight the pain.

“The mother escaped because the child was sickly. She is now married to someone else. We used to give her pain killers and we took her to Center Kwanza Dispensary.We are stranded and we don’t know where to start from,” said Mr John Chepkokei  Ling’aa, the grandfather.

Kapenguria   County Health Chief officer Ibrahim Longolomoi who confirmed the case, said  they had reported the matter to the police.

“We are baffled by this and we have sought police intervention. This is mistreatment of an innocent child,” he said.

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