Government assures the nation that low levels of water in Ndakaini dam will not affect domestic water supply

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BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,27TH APRIL 2018-The Government  has assured the residents of Nairobi and those who rely on Ndakaini dam for water supply that they will not be affected by low levels of water in the dam.It says Ndakaini Dam only acts as a buffer storage and not the main source of water for Nairobi County.

This follows public outcry over the continued water rationing in the city, despite the ongoing heavy rains in most parts of the country.

Ndakaini Dam water levels remain low, but Water Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui says it only supplements water levels in River Chania during the dry season, as the main source for Ngethu Treatment Waterworks.

The dam draws its water from three rivers hailing from the Aberdare Ranges and that is where the problem is, according to the Cabinet Secretary.

“All the dam levels are entirely dependent on recharge from river water which is contributed by rainfall in the Aberdare catchment and as such, the degradation of the catchment and climatic changes have been a contributor to low rain levels as recorded through the metrological departments over the past a few years,” the CS said.He refuted claims that the dam water was being lost to cracks and open valves.

He told journalists Friday that Nairobi operates on a water deficit but that is set to drastically change once the Northern corridor water tunnel is functional in a year’s time.

Once functional, the Northern collector tunnel will add some relief to the deficit with an additional of 140 million cubic meters in a day.

The tunnel will be operational next year.

But before then, he said there is no cause for alarm since Sasumua and Ruiru dams combined have a storage capacity of 89 million cubic meters.

Nairobi  county needs a total of 770 million cubic meters of water a day but the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company only manages to supply about 520 million cubic meters with a deficit of 250 million cubic meters.

When functional, the Ndakaini Dam produces 430,000m3 per day of water which is about 84 per cent of a total supply of water to Nairobi residents.

The dam is operated by the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company.



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