Uproar over youth posting nudes online

Uproar over youth posting nudes online

Kenyans are angry people after a hashtag doing round on social media by the name #Ifikiewazazi.The teenagers seems to have gone on photo session taking spree where they position themselves at strategic places without the Nairobi central business district and take nudes pictures which they then share freely online.

Some of the photos shared are to say the least most graphical and one can not look at them two minutes.Kenyans went to social media to condemn   the move which they blame on moral degradation in society.

WWW.UPESINEWS.CO.KE managed to get some of those reactions and here they are:

15 hours ago

Morning, nude teenagers, and snitch big brothers and sisters you all still like Let them spoilt brats be, leave ’em to Karma.

24 hours ago

As Baba was shaking hands the kids decided to shake their tail feathers in that raunchy nonsense.

10 hours ago

Let’s talk about . You don’t want your kids being punished (Justly),starts disrespecting the you as the parent and the parent is just like” awa watoto was sikuhizi”. Like nooo woman!!!! Ni huyu wako sikuhizi!!!! Raise your kid right!

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