Nolonger at ease for Wilson Sossion as a section of teachers demand his ouster from KNUT

Nolonger at ease for Wilson Sossion as a section of teachers demand his ouster from KNUT

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BY  KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,11TH APRIL 2018-KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion  is a man under siege  as a cross section of teachers drawn from various branches of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT)  demands his ouster.

The teachers on Wednesday camped at the organization’s headquarters to demand for the resignation of  Sossion  who is also a nominated member of parliament.

Led by KNUT’s Nairobi branch chairman Robert Karume, the officials contend that Sossion ceased to be a teacher the moment he was de-registered by the Teachers Service Commission and was nominated to Parliament.

They said this is making him ineffective in his duties and also termed him as selfish as he was earning salaries from the union and Parliament at the same time.

They chanted anti-Sossion slogans to compel him to vacate office and vowed to camp there until he vacates office.

“When we want to tell Sossion that the day a monkey dies is when all the trees will cry out with joy. He should know that money sold out the son of God. If the officials within the NEC have been bought, then us as teachers have not been affected. I want to tell him that as union leaders, we will lead the teachers tomorrow, the day after and the next until he gets out of the Union and remains in Parliament,” he said.

They stated that should this not happen, they will seek the removal of all the Union’s National Executive Council Members.

Attempt by Teachers service commission (TSC) to have Sossion relinquish his secretary general seat did not bore fruits early this year as some of the KNUT came to his defense  together with ODM members of parliament who claimed that as long as he can perform his duties well,he should be left alone.


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