You are to blame for my tribulations,Miguna Miguna tells Odinga

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,31ST MARCH 2018-Self declared NRM general Miguna Miguna has  blamed Nasa leader Raila Odinga for allegedly failing to help him return to Kenya.

Through a statement  on Saturday From Dubai where he was deported, Dr Miguna  also accused Mr Odinga  sharing a table with the   people he called  his (the lawyer’s) oppressors.

“Raila Odinga cannot and should not be enjoying Easter abroad and dining with the tyrants when the person who swore him in as the people’s president is being “murdered” by those who stole his election and who have killed and maimed his supporters,” he said.

Odinga’s efforts to rescue him  at JKIA  before   he was deported agin proofed futile on Monday evening in vain.

The Immigration officials said   Mr Miguna  refused to surrender  his Canadian passport before being allowed into the country.

Dr Miguna called on his supporters to demand action from Mr Odinga, saying his suffering was as a result of swearing him in.

He also called on his supporters to stage demos and push the government to respect court orders and allow him back home.

“Mobilise large groups of people to demonstrate, make noise and demand that my birthright, constitutional and legal rights be respected and upheld,” he said.

“Court orders be obeyed; my Kenyan passport be returned or a new one issued; my security and safety be safeguarded.”

His and National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters, he said, should liberate him from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“I need to be liberated from Dubai, given a safe and secure passage and entry into my country of birth, Kenya without any further delay,” he said.

“A Kenyan born citizen cannot be denied entry into his country of birth. I have never renounced my citizenship. The courts have upheld and recognized my citizenship.”

The deportee pleaded for urgent medical attention, claiming the chemicals he was injected are taking a toll on his health.

“I must see a doctor or physician and have thorough toxicology tests done,” he said.

“The illegitimate tyrants in Nairobi injected poison, disease causing agents and other fatally debilitating chemicals in my body.”




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