Mistreatment and forcelly deportation of lawyer Miguna Miguna is serious violation of human rights statutes-KNCHR

Mistreatment and forcelly deportation of lawyer Miguna Miguna is serious violation of human rights statutes-KNCHR

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,29TH MARCH 2018-The manner in which lawyer Miguna Miguna  was treated and forcefully deportation is a ridicule of international magnitude and  human rights statute.According  Kenya National Commission on Human Rights the move portrays Kenya in bad light.

Chairperson Kagwiria Mbogori noted that had the government adhered to court orders, no drama would have unfolded after the NRMKe leader landed back from Canada.

Miguna was deported, for the second time, to Dubai on Wednesday night despite an order for him to be released and produced in court on Thursday.

This was also the case when he was forced to Canada on February 8, his troubles having started after he helped Nasa chief Raila Odinga get sworn in as the People’s President.

Mbogori said Miguna did not break any law by refusing to hand over his travel documents for re-entry – he refused to apply for a Visa and apply for Kenyan citizenship.

But the chair noted they were baffled by Miguna’s refusal to produce the Canadian papers that he used to return.

“He somehow became boisterous and engaged in a scuffle with Immigration officials, which started the [chaos], but this is not an excuse to blatantly breach court orders,” she said.

Mbogiri who noted that Kenya has come under the international condemnation , said Kenya will be unable to redeem its image if proper measures are not taken.

Her sentiments were echoed by the Law Society of Kenya Deputy President Harriet Chigai who organs created by the Constitution must obey the law.

Chigai said the LSK fraternity is saddened by the way in which State officers are undermining the law they swore to abide by.

“The circumstances are telling and a clear manifestation of disregard to law. The court orders were clear – for the State to facilitate the safe re-entry of Miguna, but unfortunately all the orders have been ignored,” she said.

Chigai added that it is evident that despite the orders, the government was not prepared for the NRM Generals’ return.

“There cannot be a justification for disobedience of court orders. No entity has the capacity to determine which order to obey and this government must lead as an example,” she said.

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