ANC, Thirdway alliance party leaders dismiss Odinga and Uhuru meeting

ANC, Thirdway alliance party leaders dismiss Odinga and Uhuru meeting

BY CORRESPONDENT,MOMBASA,10TH MARCH 2018-Amani national Congress Musalia Mudavadi  says the three NASA co-princiapls were not aware of President Kenya and NASA leader Raila Odinga Meeting held on Friday at Uhuru’s harambee house office.Addressing the press in Mombasa On Saturday Mudavadi says they are not sure whether the discussion between Odinga and Uhuru is the kind of dialogue NASA has been advocating for.

He says NASA is not opposed to the dialogue but insist that what happened between Kenyatta and Odinga on Friday was not dialogue but talks between two people. ”This week NASA called for national dialogue but that dialogue can not be between two people”he said.

According to him the meeting between Odinga and Kenyatta  has a sinister motive meant to hoodwink the people of Kenya into giving up their believe and resolve for justice and a along waited reforms.

“For the record and on basis of the statement released, I can therefore categorically state that the meeting was between two individuals.

“The question asked by our supporters is where the other three Nasa co-principals were. The answer is that we were neither aware, briefed, consulted nor invited”.Said Mudavadi.


His sentiments were echoed by Thirdway alliance leader Ekuru Aukot.Aukot says the country has no choice but to continue advocating for good governance.

He says  his party is ready to continue keeping the government on check.He has further added that Uhuru and Odinga aught to have alerted the other leaders in the country whose position means well for Kenya.

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