Troubled retailer Nakumatt thrown out of Nyali mall over rent arrears running into millions

Nakumatt is ejected from Nyali City Mall in Mombasa on March 7, 2018 over rent arrears.

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BY CORRESPONDENT,MOMBASA,7TH MARCH 2018-MThe once giant retailer shop Nakumatt, has been  thrown out of the Nyali City Mall in Mombasa over rent arreas running into millions of shillings.The move followed a court order which ruled that Nakumatt had  defaulted  on paying Sh27.8 million owned to the mall in rent.

Makuri Auctioneers official Joel Muasya said the order was issued on Monday by the Mombasa law courts.

The evacuation was undertaken on Wednesday morning under supervision of of over 10 police officers  as the auctioneers removed goods from the supermarket.

The supermarket officials watched helplessly as goods worth millions of shillings were thrown out and left at the parking bay and behind the building’s premises.

“I am just executing a lawful court order. This is an eviction against Nakumatt Supermarket from this building.

“We are not carrying any goods. Ours is to just evict them from the building and close it down. Whoever has their goods should remove them,” Mr Muasya said.

Nakumatt is ejected from Nyali City Mall in Mombasa on March 7, 2018 over rent arrears-COURTESY.

The auctioneer said they would hand over the premises to the landlord after evicting Nakumatt.

More than 20 workers said they were happy Nakumatt was ejected as they had not been paid for months.

“We have not been paid our salaries since September last year but God is God of justice; Nakumatt is paying back for the injustice,” a worker said.

Hundreds of residents and tourists milled around the area, expressing surprise.

They watched as rice, sugar, biscuits and oranges were destroyed.

“We are waiting for the owners to donate the food. This is so sad. Some people are sleeping hungry while food is being destroyed,” Ms Jenny Okello said.

Some people took the opportunity to start looting even as evacuation was going on with  a man getting arrested for stealing more than 10 clothes.

The man had been contracted to help in removing the items from the supermarket but he went to the clothes area, put on the clothes and began walking away.

But police pounced by the police and forced him to remove the expensive clothes.

“Forgive me please. I just wanted to feel nice,” the man pleaded with the officers.


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