Governors Mutua,Kahiga condemn divisive actions and hatred among Kamba and Kikuyu communities

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BY CORRESPONDENT,MACHAKOS, 7TH MARCH 2018-The recent altercation  pitting two communities of Agikuyu and Akamba has been condemned  strongly by two governors from the regions.

Nyeri county governor Mutahi Kahiga who is on a tour in Mchakos county on Wednesday held a meeting with his Machakos counterpart  Dr Alfred Mutua where the differences pitting the the two communities largely played out.The tow governors said the  utterances aimed at wedging a conflict between the Kamba and Kikuyu  communities was unfortunate  and contrary to the law

The two governors who addressed  a joint press conference in Machakos,  said it was improper to blame an entire community for trading in charcoal and blame another for a hate song done by a few individuals.

“The two communities are not only neighbours but are literally brothers and sisters drawn from the same ancestors.  The bottom line is that we are all Kenyans and should embrace peace and nationalism,” Mutua said.

He said destruction of property and vigilante actions only happen in a lawless country.

Governor Kahiga said the two communities are friends and partners who have traditionally referred to each other as in-laws and their cultures are similar.

”Kenya has seen the growth of intolerance and the planting of the seed of hatred which almost destroyed our country in 2007 and we should never allow ourselves to slide back to those horrific days,” Governor Mutahi said.

The governors also urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to overhaul the agencies that are meant to check hate speech and other retrogressive behaviour and utterances.

“President Uhuru needs to review the composition and leadership of some of the law agencies and inject new blood that acts swiftly and firmly,” said Mutua.

He said the lethargic speed of the agencies concerned with hate speech is also perpetuating the growth of acts that fuel hatred.

The two leaders added that Kitui has decided it does not want the charcoal trade in its county and that needs to be respected adding that the burning of vehicles and retaliation in hate songs and statements is wrong and does not promote harmony.Governors Mutua and Kahiga said they found it narrow minded for a person to attack another ethnic group yet we all need each other for co-existence and posterity.

They also lauded the Council of Governors for setting up a team to mitigate the feud between Kitui and Kiambu counties and called upon their colleagues who are affected to embrace tolerance, forgiveness and peace.

Kahiga  and members of his cabinet  and other top county officials are  on a three-day benchmarking trip in Machakos County.

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