Film classification board bans the Akamba song for being inciteful

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BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,5TH MARCH 2018-A song Produced by Isaiah featuring Waharaka  has been banned for being inciteful .Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) has banned Ezekiel Mutua has also ordered for the arrest of anyone that was involved in its production

He asked that the song should not be aired and said that anyone who was caught airing the song which he said was distasteful should also be arrested.

“The song is is in bad taste as it generalizes the acts of a few individuals to malign-and deride a whole community in the most foul language. Its a primitive piece of art and contravenes the provision of article 33 of the constitution on freedom of expression and that it that amounts to incitement to violence and hate speech,” The KFCB CEO said.

The song  has deemed to be an outright attack  the Kamba community and Kitui governor Charity Ngilu over the charcoal and sand harvesting ban that she effected in the county.

The National cohession and integration commission has also raised concerned about the same Song With chair Francis Ole Kaparo saying that its producers will be prosecuted once investigations are complete.

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