Nurses association defend their members at KNH over surgery blunder

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,3RD MARCH 2018-The National Nurses Association of Kenya has come out in defense of its members working at the Kenyatta national hospital against the blame that they conducted surgery on a wrong patient.According to the association the notion is  being spearheaded by doctors at the largest referral hospital   and they want them to stop immediately.


The  association Chairman Alfred Obengo says  nurses have said that a doctor prescribes a surgery and can only be done on a patient the doctor has met.

“We shall take responsibility if a nurse is found responsible but we need whoever is responsible to take responsibility,” said Mr Obengo.

He added that the doctor’s claim that the patient was give the wrong name tag was inexcusable.

“How possible is it for the surgeon to carry out an operation on a patient they have not met before? Does it mean they operate on whoever is brought to them without confirmation?” Mr Obengo asked.

KNH, Kenya’s largest referral hospital, on Thursday made the headlines again after a brain surgery was performed on the wrong patient.

This followed a horror mix-up of identification tags on two patients, which a saw the wrong man wheeled into theatre and his skull opened.

The blunder  was realised halfway into the surgery when the doctor did not find a blood clot as indicated in the patient’s file.

The hospital management on Thursday suspended the four doctors  who were at work that night, among them  the neurosurgeon, the ward nurse, theatre receiving nurse and the anaesthetist.

The hospital’s CEO Lily Koros  has since been sent on compulsory leave following the incident.

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