Blame game rock Nurses at KNH over performing surgery on wrong patient

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BY  JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,2ND MARCH 2018-Doctors at the largest referral hospital in Kenya Kenyatta National hospital are now blaming  nurses for the actof performing surgery on wrong patient .The doctors have  accused nurses of wrongfully labelling the patient.

Peterson Wachira from the Clinical officers union, when a patient is admitted to a hospital, his/her details are taken at the time of admission. A file is then opened and the patient is given a tag bearing his name and ID number.

Review process

Before going for surgery, he/she will first be reviewed by the nurse and clinicians before meeting a qualified doctor.

If it is established that the patient needs to undergo surgery the patient will meet a qualified doctor who will recommend the procedure.

However before the patient is operated on, the surgeon and anaesthetist must also review the patient and brief him/her about the surgical procedure that will be done.

The current situation has prompted many to ask if really these steps were really followed. The KNH neurosurgeon registrar has been backed up by his colleagues who argue that he ought not to have been suspended. The act carried out on the 19th of last month continue to elicit more questions than answers .


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