KNUT wants govt to form a special police unit to protect teachers and learners as attacks aimed at teachers continue to sweep the country

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,18TH FEB 2018-The Kenya National Union of Teachers  has called upon  the government to establish  a special police unit to protect teachers and learners in areas prone to terrorist and banditry attacks.

“TSC should stop shedding crocodile tears as teachers and learners continue to suffer at the hands of marauding terrorists and cattle rustlers. For over 20 years now, terrorists and bandits have been on sprawl, causing deaths, maiming teachers and learners, and causing destruction to properties, including kidnappings, said Sossion.

“We call on the Government to establish a special unit of police to guard teachers and learners as it is happening with diplomats, tourists and VIPs,” he said.

In a statement issued  on Sunday  KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion  urged the government to do more than just condemning the killings and condoling with affected families.His statement comes just two days after two teachers were killed and another injured in Wajir on Friday,

According to Sossion, this special police unit should also be charged with the responsibility of providing security to school property.

The KNUT secretary-general called on the government to implement the UNESCO/ILO recommendations where local communities are encouraged and supported to have teachers from the locality as part of the solution to end attacks targeting non-locals.

“As we condemn the killings of our members in the affected areas, we further call on the Government and TSC to make it a policy that local communities have teachers from indigenous groups. The Government should recruit, train and post/deploy local children to local schools. Local teachers should teach in local community, this would assist greatly to reduce terrorist attacks on educational institutions,” he said.

The call comes as Alshaabab linked attacks continue to be witnessed in the north eastern part of the country with non local teachers mostly being targeted.

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