North rift legislatures condemn arbitrary arrest and detention of Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter,they claim its political witch-hunt

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Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter ‘lawyers and several members of parliament from the entire North rift region have criticized Jubilee government for what they call is deliberate persecution due to his political stand.

The leaders who visited Keter at the Muthaiga police station  where the legislature is being held,they have strongly condemned the move to arrest the MP saying he had gone to confirm whether his firm had received the cash totaling to  KSH 633 Million.Addressing the press outside the police station,Cherengany member of parliament Joshua Kutuny says the Jubilee government seems  to be getting even with Keter due to his stand of being a sharp critic of the Jubilee administration.”I am telling Uhuru Kenyatta to stop this personal vendetta against Mweshimiwa Keter,we all know the position held by Keter that is criticizing this regime and we know people may not be happy with it”.he said.

Kutuny has warned that the current situaion can leda to withdrwal of support of the north rift region towards the government.”sisi ni viongozi kutoka rift valley na hatujafurahia vile mambo haya yanakwenda,ni sharti hizi hujuma zikome”.he added.(loosely translating to we are leaders from the rift valley and we are not happy with the current situation this personally vendetta must stop.

They have also accused the police for putting Keter in detention  while investigations continue.They say investigation can still be carried out when the MP  is free warning against any possibility of continuing to hold him further.”Tunaonya polisi dhidi ya kuendelea kumzuilia mweshimiwa,kuna njama ya kumzuilia hadi uchunguzi ukamilike na hatutakubali.said Kutuny”.( loosely translated to We can see a well calculated move to continue holding Keter even as investigation continue,we will not allow this).

The leaders who have urged the government to ensure that Keter is taken to court on Monday and released on bail,say they will stand behind the vocal legislature until justice is delivered. Keter and two other people were arreted on Friday for presenting fake Treasury Bills worth Sh633 million.Keter, Arthur Sakwa and Madat Chatur were arrested as they tried to present forged bills at the Central Bank of Kenya on Friday.

They were taken to the CID Headquarters for interrogation before being transferred to the Muthaiga Police Station.




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