Kenyans celebrate valentine’s day in style,as flower sellers make a kill in sales

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BY EURIDICE NZIOKA,NAIROBI,14TH FEB 2018-It is said that love conquers all.This is true picture of what valentine day celebrated every 14 day of February each year globally  is about for Kenyans.

It is a day set aside to celebrate in special way those we love and would want to show it by making that day stand out in a special and unique was  meant to proof what we really think of them. Spot check conducted by UPESINEWS.CO.KE across various stop overs in Nairobi on valentines day has shown Kenyans celebrating the day in the best way they know how.

We come across a flower vender near Muthurwa market her name is Mary.Mary whose daily business at the busy market is selling second clothes has been forced to put aside her normal business and instead do flowers because of the day.By the time we come across her she informs us that she has already sold three cache of the flowers since she begun her day at 8am.”This is because the flower business is booming on this day.I have sold all the stock i purchased yesterday and i have to go for more stocks now otherwise i will have nothing to sell and the day is just beginning ”.she says.

Beautiful valentine’s day flowers-UPESINEWS.CO.KE

In the Nairobi central business district (CBD) the color of love is the air,flower sellers are making a big kill.We come a cross Samuel Njugunah a university student with beautiful flowers in the hands.He says he plans to give it to his girlfriend of two years to show her just how much she means to him.”Maze nimembayia hii maua kumappreciate,ni msupa mmoja nampenda tu sana” .he says.(loosely translating to i have bought these flowers to appreciate my girlfriend whom  i love so much) .Samuel is not alone since across the streets such scenarios can be seen.

At the Uhuru park grounds,one will be forgiven to think it is a weekend.This is because the gardens are painted red and what can be seen is lovers one with his or her partner holding hands with red flowers in either of the partner’s hand.They are seen sited at different corners of the ground having a nice time.

The same scenario is replicated across the major cities of Mombasa,Kisumu,Busia,kakamega ,Nyeri among others.

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