US media advises president Donald Trump to warn President Kenyatta that continued repression under his regime in Kenya may have consequences

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,8TH FEB 2018-Continued wave of repression in the country has  attracted international attention to Kenya with a Washington Post editorial  urging  President Donald Trump to warn President Kenyatta that the US will punish him if he does not halt a “wave of repression.”

“Kenya’s African neighbours and Western donors ought to be demanding that the President reverses course before it is too late,” the Post read on Tuesday.

“The Trump administration should warn him of US punitive actions, including sanctions, if he does not stop.”

The paper further said although the President heeded a Supreme Court order invalidating the August presidential election, he embarked on a vindictive campaign, sponsoring legislation to prevent the court from censuring future elections, and intimidating electoral officials.

The Post further suggested that the President should have ignored Nasa leader Raila Odinga’s “auto-inauguration.”

“That “political stunt” would then have served only to discredit Mr Odinga,” it stated. “But by shutting down media, ignoring court orders and charging peaceful opponents with treason, he’s dangerously raising tensions in an already polarised society.”

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