Uproar over Miguna Miguna detention as NASA supporters demand his release

Uproar over Miguna Miguna detention as NASA supporters demand his release

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 BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,4TH FEB 2018-NASA supporters are up in arms  demanding  immediate release of  lawyer Miguna Miguna, who has been in police custody since Friday, February 2 when police raided his home and took him away.

Supporters of the opposition coalition have intensified their demands through the Twitter hashtag #FreeMigunaMigunaNow for the better part of Sunday.

Although not yet officially confirmed, Miguna, the self-proclaimed general  of NASA’s National Resistance Movement, is also said to have suffered an asthma attack while behind bars and that the officers holding him refused to allow for him to be attended to by medical personnel.

Taking to Twitter to respond to these claims, former Nairobi Senator aspirant and Miguna’s lawyer Edwin Sifuna said: “It’s true. We received info that Miguna has suffered an Asthma attack. I have with me an inhaler but the OCS has become hostile. He wont let me see my client to give him the medication.”

Residents of Kibera also n went on the streets of the neighborhood to demand his release carrying placards

Others most of them NASA supporters and Kenyans of all caliber went on social media to call for his release.


A regime that does not respect our Constitution. and the judiciary is a failed regime. why be in power if you do not respect the sovereignty of the people. this is dictatorship and not leadership. obey the court order and release miguna.

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