Activist Okiyah Omtatah blocked by police from serving CAK with court order papers lifting the shutdown on three TV stationss

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BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,2ND FEB 2018-Police have blocked activist Okiya Omtatah and any of his agents from serving the communications authority( CAK) with the court order to  lift the suspension of the three TV stations shut by government on Tuesday.

According Omtatah  his process server was abducted by police and released at 10 A.M. He was later called and on his arrival he said that a man in a black suit who claimed to be a police officer stopped him saying he had orders from above not to allow anyone to serve the authority with the order.

“Upon release, he contacted me so I decided to go and effect the service in person. A man in a black suit, who claims to be a police officer, blocked my access to the CA at the gate,” Omtatah said.

Okiya Omtatah has however said that he will stay put until he serves the communication authority with the order.

He had had to physically serve the authority as the one on the the daily papers was substituted service which required the court’s approval.

The activist has decided to pin order on the gate since he was denied entry.

The affected Tv stations are NTV,CITIZEN TV and KTN NEWS.Despite the court having ruled that the shutdown be waived their has been little or no action at all.

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