Police camp at the Nation centre in anticipation of arresting Linus Kaikai

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Nation Media group’s managing editor Linus KaiKai could be arrested any moment  as Police officers  camp  at the company’s  head office with orders to apprehend him.

On  Monday Kaikai had revealed in a statement  that the government ‘expressly threatened’ to shut down and revoke the licenses of any media house that would broadcast live the planned “swearing-in” of Nasa leaders.

True to his revelation the government switched off three TV stations;Citizen Tv, NTV and KTN on Tuesday over their alleged links with the criminal organized group, National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Kaikai has however stated that he doesn’t know why he was being arrested.

Lary Madowo and Ken Mijungu are also on the list of Nation media group journalists to be apprehended.

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