Come Tuesday we will be at Uhuru park for Odinga,Kalonzo Swearing in,NASA’s Norman Magaya says

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,29TH JAN 2018-The national Super Alliance NASA chief Executive officer Norman Magaya says come Tuesday January 30,they will all be at Uhuru park grounds for Raila Odinga’s  oath-taking .

Magaya said on Monday: “We are swearing-in Raila as the president of the Republic of Kenya, not the people’s president.”

“The first batch of supporters arrived in the city today morning. Others will come in during the day in a coordinated way,” he said and noted there will be no change of venue.

This  even as the police  stood ground that nobody will be allowed at the park on the material day.Addressing the press on Sunday,Nairobi police commandant Japheth Koome says the park has been indefinitely closed  for renovations, and police are ready to prevent any chaos.  Koome also declared the park a no-go zone.

Raila and Kalonzo Musyoka were to be inaugurated as leaders of the People’s Republic of Kenya since the Opposition does not consider Uhuru Kenyatta a legitimate president.

Despite the warning, Magaya said the park remains their top choice.In an exclusive interview with KTN on Monday  Magaya remained adamant.

“Our first option is Uhuru Park, second option Uhuru Park and third option Uhuru Park…,” he said during an interview on KTN.

“If all options are not possible, then our last option will be Uhuru Park .. the swearing-in is a fight that we are willing to take. We have no intention of changing the venue for the ceremony.”

Magaya said the supporters should be seated by 8.30 am so the ceremony takes the shortest time possible.

“Everyone must be seated by [this time] so we can finish by 12.30 pm. Let police not provoke citizens and cause unnecessary violence.”

The official further described Koome’s warnings as empty threats and said they had not received a notice keeping them from the park.

“You can see how Koome is literally struggling to justify why they should not allow this swearing-in to take place,” he said. “We legitimately made a reservation for the park and we have not seen any notice to turn us away from using it. After tomorrow you will not see any renovation at Uhuru Park.”

The CEO said that in 2016, the government asked a church to conduct an event at the park yet NASA also had a function, so “there are just excuses”.

“There are no intentions by any other group to use Uhuru Park. All these are manufactured to create tension.

“Forget the sideshows. This oath-taking ceremony is beyond repair … it has to happen … by close of business tomorrow they will have taken oath of office.”


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