Five injured in a standoff at Jamuhuri high school as students engage in fights with management

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,24TH JAN 2018-Learning remains paralyzed at Jamhuri high school after student faced off with the schools,s management on Tuesday night leading to injuries of Seven students during a fight at Nairobi based  School.

WWW.UPESINEWS.CO.KE has established that most of  students admitted to hospitals have stab wounds.The school’s principal, Fred Awuor, was also injured during the brawl.

It is not clear how some students managed to get into the school with machetes and knives.

The fight broke out after a section of the students protested alleged discrimination on the basis of religion, students say.

Some students who talked to us at the school say the  overnight violent clash (fighting, stubbing) between Christian and Muslim students emanated from d Muslim students who  insists that  Christian students  must  convert into Islam or leave the school, this angered the Christian students resulting to altercation. ”There has been a push from mainly the Muslim students who have maintained that the rest of the students around must convert and the school management is well aware of this issue and remains silence”.said one student who sought anonymity

On Wednesday morning, Nairobi police bosses visited the school to investigate the incident.

The students who started the riot have accused the school’s principal of playing favourites in his managment of the school’s affairs.

The standoff has also led to destruction of  School property.

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