Am ready to take oath of office in Exile -Odinga

Am ready to take oath of office in Exile -Odinga

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,18TH JAN 2018-National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga says he was  ready to be sworn-in as the People’s President while in exile.Odinga who spoke to Voice of America on Tuesday that plans to have him sworn in  as the leader of the People’s Assembly on January 30 will not be changed.He also  insisted that  NASA plans  to continue with defiance campaign against President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

“My being sworn-in is a statement that an illegitimate government is in office and the legitimate government elected by the people is not in office,” he told VoA.

“We will work like a government and appoint ministers even if we have to run the government in exile,” Odinga explained.

He said he will not be dissuaded by western powers including the United States of America stating that the country was free to make independent decisions without the involvement of western nations.

“They (US) are our friends and they are free to advise us but we cannot be forced. We shall do what we want to do,” Odinga said.

He has had several meetings with foreign envoys since the swearing in of President Kenyatta on November 28 but no progress has been reported.

US Ambassador Bob Godec who has been a leading crusader in calling for a political ceasefire between Odinga’s NASA and the ruling Jubilee Party was on January 9 forced to come clean on reports that he was pushing for a unity government to calm political tension in the country.

“Media reports that Ambassador Bob Godec asked for a unity government are wrong. US continues to be committed to a National Conversation involving all Kenyans to build national unity, address long-standing issues and resolve divisions exacerbated by 2017 elections,” Godec’s office tweeted amid speculation that President Kenyatta’s partial naming of the Cabinet on January 5 was to provide room for Opposition-allied politicians to be considered for ministerial posts.

Odinga also maintained that NASA was not violating the Constitution by planning his coronation.

“We’re not breaking the law. It is Jubilee who are breaking the law by setting up an illegitimate movement which the Supreme Court tried to justify by upholding its election,” he charged.

Police should  not provoke supporters

Odinga said his supporters will maintain peace as the due date draws nearer  urging security services to keep off his inauguration event.According to Odinga there is no possibility that there will be violence unless police provoke his supporters as they have always done.

“The decision not to have chaos and killings lies with the government. Our supporters are peaceful people and they will converge for the inauguration at Uhuru Park peacefully,” the long-serving opposition leader remarked.

“If they think my swearing is in breach of the Constitution, they are free to arrest me,” Odinga said.

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