Tough times a head for motorists as ERC increases fuel prices

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,14TH  JAN 2018-Motorists will have  brace for tough times a head after the energy regulatory commission increased the cost of fuels for the next one month.Super petrol and diesel will cost higher than last month after cost per liter was  increased by Sh2.13 and Sh2.39, respectively.

In a statement released by ERC on Sunday ,the commission says the increase is attributed to the upward adjustment in this month’s prices to an increase in landed costs.

kerosene consumers have also not been spared as  price of one liter has increased  by Sh3.36.

ERC’s Director-General Pavel Oimeke said the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol increased by 3.99 percent from Sh65,530 (US$ 636.22) per tonne to Sh68,148 (US$ 661.6) between November and December last year.

Mr Oimeke explained that during the same period, the landed cost of diesel also increased by 4.63 percent from Sh55, 994 (US$543.63) per tonne to Sh58, 588 (US$568.82) while that of Kerosine also went up by 6.36 percent from Sh59, 703 (US$579.64) per tonne to Sh63,500 (US$616.51).

“Taking into account the weighted average cost of imported refined products, the changes in the maximum allowed petroleum pump prices are as follows – super petrol, diesel and kerosine increases by Sh2.13, Sh2.39 and Sh3.36, respectively,” Mr Oimeke said.

He further explained that over the same period, the mean monthly US dollar to Kenya Shilling exchange rate appreciated by 0.30 percent, from Sh103.43 to Sh103.12.

The upward adjustment in pricing will see kerosene, which is largely used by the urban poor and rural households, retail at Sh72.01 per litre in Mombasa, Sh74.78 per litre in Nairobi, Sh75.62 (Nakuru), Sh76.69 both in Eldoret and Kisumu, Sh78.77 in Isebania and Sh88.59 in Mandera for the next one month.

Mombasa residents are the lucky ones as they will purchse Super petrol   at Sh103.01 per litre. In Nairobi, it will be sold at Sh106.30 per litre, Sh114.55 in Wajir, Sh120 in Mandera, Sh106 (Nakuru) and 108.17 and 108.24, respectively, in Eldoret and Kisumu.

For diesel, retailers are expected to sell the commodity at Sh91.55 per litre, Nairobi (Sh94.82), Wajir (Sh103), Mandera (Sh108.63), Nakuru (Sh95.74), Eldoret (Sh96.92) while in Kisumu, the product is expected to sell at Sh96.99).

The new prices take effect at midnight.

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