Decision by president Uhuru to order NTSA officials withdrawal from the roads commendable

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BY EDITORIAL TEAM,NAIROBI,9TH JAN 2018-The decision by President Uhuru Kenyatta to order the National Transport and safety Authority to  withdraw its officials from the roads is not only wise but also much commendable.If the problem of road carnage in this country will be solved firm and well informed decisions must be made.

While issuing the orders in Meru on Tuesday January 9,the president who seemed perturbed did not mince his words,he was firm and brave that his government is not going watch as innocent Kenyans lost their lives on our roads.

The president regretted that   the three bishops from the African Independent Pentecostal church could die in such a tragic way when their saloon car was involved in an accident on  December 30 last year on Nairobi-meru highway.

The president also asked Kenyans to be more accountable in demanding that drivers drive in  moderate speed while on the road. We strongly condemn the character of carefree style adopted by the drivers especially PSV drivers.

Most of the accidents reported between 1st December 2017 to 1st Jan 2018 which resulted to loss of over 300 lives are attributed to either overspending,overlapping or total disregard of the traffic rules by drivers  these people aught not to have died had drivers been a bit careful.We urge the government to move in with speed and fastrack reforms in the transport sector in the country.There come a time when nobody  should be issued with a driving license unless they deserve it.

The loopholes in issuing driving license should be sealed like yesterday,for along time we have had cases where people who get trained as drivers using backdoor means  are issued  with driving license without following due process  a move that has greatly led to increased accidents as these type drivers have no exposure to properly laid down procedures in driving.


In as much as the government is doing all it can to reduce the cases of road carnage,it is not possible to win the battle without the support of traffic police officers.The traffic police officers must stand out to be counted.The attempt to take a bribe and allow  non  roadworthy vehicle to continue operating must never occur.

The police must ensure that they deal firmly with rogue drivers as they will deal with any other enemy of society without which the country will not succeed in it quest to end road carnage.

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