Blow to NTSA as president Kenyatta orders withdraw of its officers from the roads,task  to be performed by traffic officers

Blow to NTSA as president Kenyatta orders withdraw of its officers from the roads,task to be performed by traffic officers

BY CORRESPONDENT,MERU,9TH JAN 2018-President Uhuru Kenyatta and the deputy president William Ruto on Tuesday Joined families and friends of the three bishops of the African Independent Pentecostal Church (AIPCA to bide them goodbye as they were laid to rest in Meru.

Addressing the mourners President Uhuru Kenyatta has with immediate effect ordered removal of all national transport and safety Authority NTSA from the major highways and roads across the country.According to the president the move will help in properly managing traffic easily and in case of an accident  the cause can easily be identified.”Wacha nichukue fursa hii kutangaza kwamba kuanzia sasa maafisa wote wa NTSA waondoke barabarani na kuwachia polisi wa traffiki jukumu hilo”.he said.(I now take this opportunity to announce that all National transport  and safety Authority officials should withdraw from the roads and instead the duties be left with traffic police officers.)

The president who seemed perturbed by the ever increasing incidents of road carnage in the country has also appealed to all Kenyans to be responsible for their own safety while on the roads.” Sasa wewe unaambia dereva kwamba aendeshe gari kwa haraka hata ikifika utmwongezea nauli zaidi heri uende polepole ufike salama  kuliko kupoteza maisha”.he added.(You tell the driver to drive quickly ,that you don’t mind adding something on the bus fare ,so that you can get to your destination as soon as possible because you are let,its better to arrive late but safe instead of losing your life).

The  three of its bishops Bishop Philip Kubai of the Ntonyiri Diocese, Bishop Moses Ntoreruri of Igembe Diocese and Bishop Stanley Kalulu from Igembe Central Diocese  perished on 30th December last year in a road accident involving their saloon car and another saloon car near the Wamumu Approved School along the main Nairobi-Meru highway.
With 10 dioceses in the larger Meru, the AIPCA lost almost a third of its bishops there who were some of the most experienced with over 10 years of service each.
The clergymen perished on the spot after Bishop Kubai’s saloon car which was being driven by his chauffeur collided head on with another at the spot near Mutithi market.




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