Power bills not inflated says energy CS Charles Keter

Power bills not inflated says energy CS Charles Keter

BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,8TH JAN, 2018-Energy  cabinet secretary Charles Keter on Monday January 8, refuted reports that power supply company   Kenya Power has been backdating customers’ bills, leading to inflated charges.

Addressing the press in Nairobi , Keter said  that this can only be sanctioned by the Energy Regulatory Commission through 45 days of public participation.

The CS added that  billing fluctuation most likely resulted from the transfer of 2.4 million customers from the analogue to the digital billing system over the past three months.

“Beginning July, Kenya Power went into an upgrade of their billing system. The upgrade will have been finalised by the end of this month,” he told the press in his office at Nyayo House, Nairobi.

The minister said the power supplier has a total of 6.4 customers, about 6,000 being large scale industrial companies whose meters are read real-time online.

According to Keter   estimations of meter readings, which translate to high charges when actual readings are done may also be the reason for  inflated bills .

But he noted Kenya Power has introduced gadgets that meter readers must use to record accurate figures.

“The gadgets work within a radius of 50 meters, so that person (meter reader) must be within the premises of the building when recording readings.”

Noting the gadgets were used in December, he assured bills will not be estimated in January.

“Kenya Power will announce that within this month…I don’t want to preempt… you just take a photo of your meter and transfer that data to their billing system,” he said.

“We have also given Kenya Power a directive; from today, as they work on that, there will be no estimation … your actual bill or no bill.”

The recent days have seen numerous complains from Kenyans who claims that their bills had been inflated with most of them not in a position to understand what was really behind the situation .


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