President Kenyatta delivers new year message of hope to Kenyans

President Kenyatta delivers new year message of hope to Kenyans

BY EURIDICE NZIOKA,PSCU,31ST DEC 2017-President Uhuru Kenyatta has says his government is committed to building a stable,prosperous and more united Kenya in the new year 2018.While delivering his new year message to the nation on Sunday evening the head of state acknowledged that the country has had enormous challenges in the year ending 2017 most of them which were political and security related.However the president said that under his leadership Kenya had achieved much despite the low moments experienced.”We have seen the economy expand and more jobs opportunities created for our youth,the country has remained resilience and we hope to do even more”. he said.

The president said his administration remains focused on making kenya better for all by revitalizing agricultural sector,continued improvement of investment environment as well as   supporting growth of industries to achieve a double digit economy.”I am aware that the future of Kenyans lies with better environment geared towards achieving the country we all dire,my administration is committed to do exactly that and make it possible”.he said.

The president has also promised to unveil his new Cabinet in a few weeks saying those appointed are expected to uphold the highest standard of integrity.

“In the next few weeks, I will unveil the men and women to whom I will entrust delivery of the Big Four, and other programmes that will transform this country.

“I will expect these men and women to serve Kenyans without partiality and with the very highest standard of integrity and efficiency. They must prove themselves worthy of the trust Kenyans will have bestow on them,” he said in a live broadcast.

The President called on all elected leaders to serve Kenyans.

“Whether you are the leader of a family or of a small community, an MCA, an MP, a Senator, a Governor or a Cabinet Secretary, your job is to serve, to work hard every single day to confirm that the choice in you as leader was the right choice.

“The trust that we have been given as leaders is a sacred one. It was given to build, to deliver development, to concretely improve the lives of your constituents,” he said promising to work hard to deliver in 2018.

The head of state also urged Kenyans to unite for a more stable and prosperous country   saying no meaningful achievements can be realized if the country remained divided.

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