NASA leader Raila Odinga to be sworn in early next year

NASA leader Raila Odinga to be sworn in early next year

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,24TH DEC 2017-The national Super Alliance  seems to be determined to carry on with its planned swearing in of its Leader Raila Odinga even as Government warned that it amounts to treason.

This point  has been stressed by Odinga on Sunday  December 24,announced that plans are at an advanced stage have him sworn in early next year.

In his Christmas message sent to the press on Sunday when that time comes the Alliance  will call for self-determination.

Mr Odinga  has also expressed his disappointment on what he said was growing dictatorial tendencies   in Kenya  asking NASA supporters to support him towards fighting such a possibility.

“As we usher in 2018,” Mr Odinga said, “we are called upon to choose between resigning ourselves to dictatorship, to accept and move on, or to stand up for what we believe in.”

Odinga : “We are called upon to accept that there is political hierarchy of communities in this country, the rulers and the ruled, or to affirm our dignity as equal citizens and to invoke our inalienable human right to self-determination if we must.”

Odinga has said despite NASA having postponed swearing ceremony for two times ,there has been no willingness or even good will on the side of president Kenyatta  to embrace dialogue that could break the current stalemate.

This status quo, he said, must be uprooted, and warned his supporters that the administration will not cooperate in its uprooting, but it must be done, anyway.

And the swearing-in, he said, must happen.

“We promise you that you can now look forward confidently to our swearing-in ceremony very early in the New Year,” he said in the statement sent to newsrooms on Christmas Eve.

“We cannot and shall not go back to dictatorship.”

This comes a day after Odinga promised to make known to Kenyans his swearing in programme.On Saturday December 23, Mr Odinga’s team had promised to release a programme of the swearing-in today (Sunday).

In the statement, Mr Odinga said that President Kenyatta had lost the plot and had started calling for talks on development, and not politics— a scenario the Nasa chief called “development worship” and claimed it was started by Uhuru’s father Jomo Kenyatta.

That, the Nasa leader said, cannot work.

“It is the opium that successive regimes have used to anaesthetise the people so as to take away their political rights, dispossess them of their land, rob them blind in government, and exploit them ruthlessly in the market place,” he said.

Mr Odinga said Christmas season reminded Kenyans of cruel leaders have inflicted needless pain and suffering on people, like King Herod was doing at the time of Jesus.

“Such leaders live in fear of the people,” he said, explaining, “When King Herod heard that another king had been born, he sent soldiers to hunt him down and kill him. The mighty king was afraid of being overthrown by a baby. He lived in fear of the people.”

But such cruel leaders, he said, do not live for long.

“The message of Christmas therefore implores us to arm ourselves with faith, hope and the courage of our convictions. We too shall overcome and we have a clear programme to victory,” he said.


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