You are not committed to the National dialogue ,NASA tells KEPSHA

You are not committed to the National dialogue ,NASA tells KEPSHA

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,22ND DEC 2017-The National Super Alliance (NASA) has told  Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA)  that the outfit  was not committed to dialogue meant to bring about national healing.In a statement  NASA  says National Conversation proposal by KEPSA  was  a euphemism for “accept and move on” adding that upon a keen look  the document by the body  they have concluded that the group is holding brief for President Uhuru Kenyatta who has often maintained that he is open to debate with anyone and everyone on development.

“We note that while the stated purpose is to address the recurring election problems, the conversation itself is about socio-economic development within the Vision 2030 framework. Election crises are political. The correct framework for addressing them is electoral justice,” the coalition notes in a strongly worded statement.

NASA says Vision 2030 is a government socio-economic development policy agenda and the correct forum for debating government policy is the participation of the people in policy processes as provided for in the Constitution further urging their supporters to ignore the sideshows because the People’s Assembly process will resume after the festive season.

“Free and fair democratic elections are the means by which citizens of a republic form Government. Subversion of elections is a failure of the social contract that Kenyans have signed up to otherwise known as the Constitution of Kenya 2010. It contains elaborate unambiguous provisions on democracy and elections. It makes no reference to Vision 2030 or any other policy blueprint.”

NASA has also termed the ‘development mantra’ by KEPSA as the opium that successive regimes have used to anaesthetize the people so as to take away their political rights, dispossess them of their land, rob them blind in Government, and exploit them ruthlessly in the marketplace.

“This is the post-independence political status quo that we must uproot for democracy and the rule of law to take root. We do not expect the status quo to cooperate in the process of uprooting it.”

“We note that the framing of the agenda dovetails nicely with the position adopted by Uhuru Kenyatta that he is open to debate with anyone and everyone on development. We are not accepting, and we are not moving on. Those who wish to do so are free to proceed,” part of the statement reads.

The coalition further says that People’s Assembly process, which was set in motion with the Coast Peoples Leaders Forum in Kilifi on Sunday 17 December 2017, is legal and founded on Article 1(2) of the Constitution which guarantees the right of the people to exercise their sovereign power directly.

“We wish to reassure Kenyans that exercising our sovereign power sitting as the Peoples Assemblies; we can chart our political destiny and forestall the electoral authoritarianism that the Jubilee administration is hell-bent on restoring in this country so as to sustain the status quo. The sovereign will and power of the people will prevail as it has throughout history”

KEPSA had proposed a “National Conversation” to find long-lasting solutions for the deep-seated divisions in Kenya that are often exacerbated by general elections to ensure that innocent citizens are not subjected to the same challenges every election year.

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